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You must be well-aware of the electronic gadgets. Most people are aware of the ipad OS. However, you must be aware of the best features of ipad OS. It is a unique one that can help you to carry a lot of work. Recently the launch of ipad OS has allowed more and more people to use the device. It comes with some features that allow more and more people to use it. It will be right to say that the device comes with some multitasking features. This is why it is preferred by most of the people.

Top 5 Best features of ipad OS 15 multitasking

ipadOS 15 multitaskingIn this part, you will learn about some of the amazing features of the ipad OS multitasking. Through this discussion you can know about the device in a much better manner.

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  1. Quick note is one of the best features of the device. It offers and provides one of the fast and quick ways to take notes anywhere in the system. Not only this but the user can bring quick note anywhere to jot down a though and add links whenever required. It is the note tab that you will get new tags or tag browsers and smart folders.
  2. Focus is another new features of the ipad OS. It can filter notifications and various apps. If the users focus is blocking all the incoming notifications it will be displayed on other messages. This device will suggest focus on different occasions. It may be like working hours, winding up or any other similar ones.
  3. You will be glad to know that live text is one of the noted features of ipad OS multitasking. It will help you to recognize photos in the text is with the spotlight that you can research about the photos, location, objects and many other things.
  4. The ipad can now be used in building iphone and ipad apps with the use of swift playgrounds. You can also submit them directly to the app store. It is a great feature of the newly invented device that needs to be mentioned.
  5. It also brings the facility of voice isolation to the users. It is through this feature you will get a clear and better voice quality. You will enjoy while talking to the people. It will appear that you are near to him. Share play is another essential thing that must be mentioned here. It will allow the users to share media together in synchronize at the time of Facetime call. It can be operated with Windows and Android modes. The users can also generate shareable links for scheduling a time of Facetime call.

So, with the invention of the ipadOS you can come across multiple features. These features are so advanced and better you will love it. It is an ideal device that can help and assist the corporate employees to smoothly work. apart from this, the compact feature and awesome design of the device has also attracted numerous buyers.

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