What makes some people better at multi-tasking than others?

It's an experiment!

University of Queensland scientists want to know what makes a good multi-tasker and you'll find out how good you are at multi-tasking..

The Multi-tasking Test is now closed.

The Science

Early Results

Almost 4000 people have completed the Multi-tasking Test and the researchers from the University of Queensland are thrilled. They can't wait to get their hands on the data and see what it tells them about our multi-tasking habits and especially what makes a good multi-tasker.

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What is multi-tasking

Multi-tasking might feel productive, but it can be more dangerous than drink driving and even make you drop IQ points

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Impacts of multi-tasking

While the human brain is capable of pursuing multiple goals at once, how they are divided by the brain is still a mystery.

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How to be a better multi-tasker

You can improve your multi-tasking ability, but only up to a point. For a long time people have known that training to perform a particular sequence of tasks can reduce the time it takes if those tasks can become routine. This is because rote tasks require fewer mental demands.

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Have we always multi-tasked?

Have new technologies like mobiles, tablets and laptops turned us into multi-tasking masters? Changing our brains along the way? Or have humans always multi-tasked and these modern toys are simply the latest thing for us to play with?

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Are women better multi-taskers?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best multi-tasker of us all? Oh hang on, I dropped my mobile...

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The Multi-tasking Test is a Citizen Science & Research Project undertaken by ABC Science in conjunction with the University of Queensland's School of Psychology and Queensland Brain Institute. It aims to find out whether there are any underlying cognitive factors that make someone good at multi-tasking.

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